According to the creative director, Marvel’s Wolverine is a “mature” full-scale game

Insomniac Games revealed last week that it has another superhero game in development, Marvel’s Wolverine. Along with this excitement comes many questions. What style of game will it be? Who is the voice of Logan? In Marvel’s Spider-Man stadium, will it be an R-rated bloody festival or a pitch? We now have answers to several of these questions.

Brian Horton, creative director of Wolverine Twitter Announce his role in the project. Horton has previously directed “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, which prompted fans to ask whether Wolverine’s range is similar or larger. Horton’s response simply stated that Wolverine would be “full-size, mature tone.” In addition, he did not elaborate, but I believe some fans will be relieved because some online worry that Wolverine may be the sunshine and hug parade. Now, “mature tone” does not necessarily mean that it will be rated M, but we must wait and see.

Marvel’s Wolverine is currently planned to be launched on PlayStation 5, but it is in the early stages of development and there is no release window. Insomniac explained that this is an independent adventure that sounds like it exists in its own world and may kill any crossover potential with the Spider-Man world (to our great chagrin).

In addition to Wolverine, Insomniac also revealed the first trailer and release window of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. You can read the announcement here.

Are you relieved to hear that Insomniac is really aimed at maturity? What features do you want to see in the game? Let us know in the comments!