According to the new EA trademark, FIFA 23 may eventually be called EA Sports FC

It looks like EA Sports might reconsider FIFA It is a very popular football franchise brand.After noticing that the series may abandon its current classic brand, the publisher has registered a trademark EA Sports Football Club -Hint at what the future of the series might look like.

Polygon Picked up a trademark application British Intellectual Property Office Website and European Union Intellectual Property Office, Pointing to some serious intentions of game publishers.

Cam Weber, general manager of EA Sports, said that the company focuses on the company’s development direction after the release of the latest football version, FIFA 22.

“The future of football is very broad and very bright. Our first task is to ensure that we have every opportunity to continue to provide the greatest interactive football experience in the world,” Weber said.

As it happens, EA may “provide the world’s greatest interactive football experience” in the name of EA Sports FC in 12 months, instead of FIFA 23

Whether EA is ahead of the launch of Konami and its botched PES successor eFootball remains to be seen, but between these naming changes and the upcoming UFL, there is now a lot of quicksand in the football game world.

If you are still playing FIFA 22 before any potential name changes in the future, you may want to check out some of the best forwards and wingers to log in to career mode, or the best midfielders, CAM, CDM, and CM, if you wish The words are a more defensive player. Regardless of your style, you need to get safe hands near the net, for which you can see the best goalkeeper here.

A few days ago, FIFA 22 received a huge patch that solved a large number of issues on the release day.