Acting as a young detective in “Sherlock Holmes”: the first chapter of this November

Holmes is the mainstay of books, movies, TV shows and even games. The story about the legendary consulting detective has been told and retelled in different media, and new twists have been added to keep the narrative fresh in the modern era. The Irish Frogwares studio has been producing Holmes games for many years, and Lovecraftian The Sinking City in 2019. The developer’s latest game allows Sherlock to go back in time and explore his youth before becoming a notorious detective.

a new one postal On the PlayStation Blog, we will introduce Frogware’s latest puzzle game, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. As a 21-year-old Holmes, you will explore an open world on the Mediterranean island of Cordona with your best friend Jon. Sherlock was there to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his mother’s death, although he would undoubtedly be captured by a criminal gang that a group of careful young men had to deal with.

In the game video above, you can see some of the activities that Sherlock and Jon (maybe Watson?) will participate in, including building relationships with your friends and using Sherlock Holmes’ excellent deductive skills to discover small but important details . Since this is the story before Sherlock became a famous detective, his skills may not be foolproof, leaving a real opportunity, and he may eventually come to the wrong conclusion. Players can use the clues collected to set up explanations for the event, although these explanations may lead to accusations of right or wrong suspects. It is up to the player to make a deliberate decision to determine if they are on the right path.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One has now been announced to be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on November 16, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be released later.