Activision Blizzard employees doubt that executives who deny gender discrimination can solve these problems

As early as July, Activision Blizzard executive Fran Townsend told employees that California’s sex discrimination and harassment lawsuit presented a “distorted and untrue” picture of the company, and this denial did not have very good results: her comment Part of the reason for the organized employees was the July 28 strike. This week, Townsend took a more conciliatory approach in an e-mail. An Activision Blizzard employee described to PC Gamer as “her first e-mail that was not obviously offensive.”

This does not mean that things have subsided. “In fact, she is still responsible for overseeing improvements in this area, which makes me hardly believe anything she wants to tell us,” the same employee said. Two other Activision Blizzard employees who talked to PC Gamer also pointed out the difference between Townsend’s latest email and her previous denial.