Activision Blizzard employees file unfair labor lawsuits

vice Report Staff Activision Blizzard Allegations of unfair labor practices have been filed with the Labor Department National Labor Relations Committee There are allegations of coercion and interrogation. This is the latest wave in Activision Blizzard’s fight against abuse in the workplace with its employees.

The allegation documents indicate that the company “repeatedly engaged in illegal acts by threatening employees.” In addition, Activision Blizzard is accused of telling employees that “they cannot communicate with employees or discuss ongoing wage, working hours, and working conditions investigations; maintain an overly broad social media policy; and enforce social media policies for employees participating in protected collaborative activities ; Threat or disciplinary action against employees for protected collaborative activities; monitor employees engaged in protected collaborative activities, and interrogate employees about protected collaborative activities.”

Activision Blizzard appears to be retaliating against anyone who publicly talks about the company’s labor issues, and performance evaluations of well-performing employees are below average. Many people suspect that the company is doing this to get rid of outspoken employees in order to quell the talk of joining the union.

Activision Blizzard’s pressure continues to increase, asking them to do better, because this is after a high-profile lawsuit filed against the company in California, accusing it of abusing and fostering a “fraternity” workplace culture. Women working there are welcome Harassment.

As far as Activision Blizzard is concerned, it seems that it is still trying to solve the problem of workplace culture, so it hired a new head of human resources Julie Hodges, Has worked in corporate human resources at The Walt Disney Company. Whether this is a positive step to solve the problem of harassment or just a new way to cover up the company’s many violations is still difficult to say.