Activision Blizzard made more mobile games last quarter than PC and consoles combined

We don’t often cover serious business-related issues here at PC Gamer, but there’s an interesting tidbit hidden in Activision Blizzard’s recent news Second Quarter 2022 Financial Report (opens in new tab): In the three months ended June 30, more than half of the company’s total revenue came from mobile games — more than PC and console games combined.

Activision Blizzard had $332 million in PC revenue for the quarter, with total console sales of $376 million. That’s a lot of money! However, under the “Mobile and Assisted” category — which Activision Blizzard says “consists primarily of revenue from mobile devices” — the company had a whopping $831 million in revenue for the quarter. It made another $105 million in the “Other” category for the quarter, which includes revenue from its distribution business as well as Overwatch and Call of Duty League, but even adding that amount to PC and games In mobile revenue, it is still not enough to exceed total mobile revenue.