Activision Blizzard renames McCree of Overwatch to Col Cassidy

Activision Blizzard has renamed the Overwatch hero Jesse McRae to Col Cassidy.

In California’s ongoing lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, the lawsuit occurred due to a reported toxic workplace culture. According to reports, Overwatch character Jesse McRae is named after a Blizzard veteran of the same name WHO Leaving the company in AugustMcRae in real life is one of the men in the photo, which seems to show some photos of Activision Blizzard developers posing with Bill Cosby in the room Reportedly informally called the Cosby Suite.

The Overwatch team announced its heroes on August 26, McCree, will be renamed Looking to the future, no Overwatch hero will be named after a team member in real life. Nowadays, Team announced The hero formerly known as Jesse McRae is now renamed Col Cassidy.

“The first thing the traitor loses is their name, and this man has given up his name long ago,” Official Overwatch Tweets from Twitter account read. “Avoiding his past means avoiding himself, and each year’s past will only widen the gap between who he was and what he has become. But in every cowboy’s life, he will stop to show his position. when.”

“In order to make this new “Overwatch” better-to make things right-he must be honest with his team and himself. He is riding a cowboy in the sunset, Cole Cassidy at dawn. Face the world.”

The name “Cole Cassidy” will be used in Overwatch October 26.

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