Activision Blizzard says Microsoft and Bobby Kotick didn’t discuss his post-acquisition job

Activision Blizzard said in a new court filing that its CEO Bobby Kotick and Microsoft have not discussed his potential employment status after Microsoft completes its acquisition of the company.

This message is via Love News Stephen Totillo on Twitterhe noted over the weekend that on Friday, April 15, Activision Blizzard added a line to its main filing about its planned sale to Microsoft.

Here’s what the new series is all about:

“Prior to the approval and execution of the Merger Agreement and its contemplated transactions, or after such approval and execution, as of the date of this Agreement, there have been no discussions or negotiations with Microsoft between Microsoft and Mr. Kotick regarding employment arrangements following the closing of the transaction. ”

As you can see, the implications are pretty clear: Kotick and Microsoft have yet to discuss plans for Kotick and its role (if any) in the company following Microsoft’s acquisition of Activsion Blizzard.

This submission is an update in light of what has happened over the past year at Publisher Studios, where there have been constant calls for Kotick to resign. That includes months of lawsuit filings detailing Activision Blizzard’s harassment, discrimination, and more. Kotick is also reportedly aware of the publisher’s history of sexual misconduct, and has said he would consider resigning if the company’s workplace issues aren’t resolved soon (although, a strike at Activision Blizzard demanding his resignation has occurred).

With that in mind, many speculate that Kotick will get what it calls a “golden parachute” after the acquisition. The parachute appears to have cost him his role as CEO of Activision Blizzard, with a fortune in his pocket after the merger. Only time will tell if that will happen, but according to this new court filing, discussions about such a golden parachute, or even more specifically, Kotick’s employment status post-acquisition, did not happen.

[Source: Axios’s Stephen Totilo on Twitter]

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