Activision Blizzard shareholders vote to keep Bobby Kotick on board for one year

CEO Bobby Kotick will serve on the company’s board for a year despite being heavily criticized for his role in Activision Blizzard’s ongoing employee sex abuse scandal.

The publisher held its annual shareholder meeting, where they voted on five proposals, such as a list of ten directors, including Kotick, for one-year terms.This Documentation Detailed results show that more than 533 million investors voted for Kotick, while 62.5 million voted against him. Two million shareholders abstained from voting.

The result means Kotick will retain his position until Activision’s 2023 shareholder meeting next June.The development came after Kotick reported last year Hide details of company abuse issues from shareholders, which leads to some employees and investors ask him to resign. Kotick responded reduce his salary until the Transitional Gender Goals are achieved.Activision has since hired new Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer.

Although Kotick remains on Activision’s board of directors, his future as CEO once Microsoft completes its acquisition of the company still unknown. The deal is not expected to close until sometime next summer, possibly around the time of the next shareholder meeting.