Activision Blizzard strengthens abuse investigation

As part of Q3 financial report, Activision Blizzard Lists measures taken to deal with workplace abuse and improve its recruitment practices. It also took the opportunity to emphasize what it has done right in this regard, both of which are caused by rampant allegations of workplace bullying, abuse and gender discrimination in lawsuits against companies.

The first thing at the forefront of this summary of Activision Blizzard’s efforts to combat abuse in the workplace is to increase the staff of its ethics and compliance and employee relations teams. These teams actually have the right to investigate every abuse claim they receive. As an additional guarantee for the staffing of the investigators, the summary pointed out that more than 20 people have left the company due to the investigation by these teams.

In addition to what Activision Blizzard had promised to do when CEO Bobby Kotick announced the salary cut, the company also promised to diversify its recruitment methods by mandating “requiring the diversification of candidates for all full-time vacancies.” “.

Finally, to summarize it definitely means rejecting further accusations. A review in 2020 found that women’s income from similar jobs in companies is slightly higher than that of men. The review was done by an unnamed “independent company”.

It remains to be seen whether all this is sufficient to counter Activision Blizzard’s toxic workplaces. The fact remains that they still have litigation to deal with, and any promised reforms will require time and implementation. If all the staff investigating abuse still choose to look differently, they don’t care. Nevertheless, unlike some other companies, at least it has proposed concrete actions that are being taken.