Activision Blizzard will pay $18 million in settlement after being sued by the U.S. Employment Commission

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the latest organization to join numerous state and federal agencies successfully prosecuting Activision BlizzardEEOC filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard yesterday, accusing the company of being responsible for sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination and related retaliation faced by employees. Activision Blizzard revealed It has reached a settlement.

“According to the agreement, Activision Blizzard has committed to set up a $18 million fund to compensate and compensate eligible claimants,” the company said in a statement. “According to the approval of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, any amount not used for claimants will be between charities that promote the development of women in the video game industry or raise awareness of harassment and gender equality issues and corporate diversity, fairness and inclusion initiatives. Distribution. The agreement is subject to court approval.”

Court documents According to reports, this investigation has been ongoing since September 2018, and despite “extensive mediation discussions,” EEOC has not been able to reach an “acceptable mediation agreement” before directly suing the company.

Chief Executive Bobby Kotick wrote in a statement: “Discrimination, harassment, or unequal treatment of any kind is not allowed anywhere in our company. I am grateful to the employees who have bravely shared their experience.” “I’m sorry that anyone has to experience inappropriate behavior, and I remain firmly committed to making Activision Blizzard one of the most inclusive, respected, and respected workplaces in the world.”

according to European playersHowever, when you know that Kotic will bring home approximately $154 million in 2021, it is difficult to understand his words on the surface. In contrast, this seems to dwarf the $18 million.

This is after we saw some well-known industry figures leave the company after they filed sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits against publishers in July.

There are many milestones in this case; Bobby Kotick (Bobby Kotick) was summoned to shareholders to sue Activision Blizzard for concealing sexual harassment before it became mainstream when the US Securities and Exchange Commission investigated Activision Blizzard’s workplace misconduct. Investigation, this has been turbulent months for the company.