Actraiser returns today with Actraiser Renaissance

Remember the semi-amazing SNES game Actraiser? It has incredible graphics in that era, and is also known for the fantasy hack-n-slash game with mixed analog elements. Actraiser is fully remastered today on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android Actor renaissance. Check out the release trailer below:

Yes, in Actraiser, you will go through the side-scrolling stage and challenge the giant boss, but you will also play the role of God and try to keep your city safe and prosperous in the simulated city style section between different levels. This is a strange combination, but at the time, it absolutely worked.

I have a soft spot for Actraiser, so this is definitely on my pick list. Players can also switch between the old soundtrack and the remade/rearranged soundtrack, and add some new music. The remake also includes some new levels and new boss battles, so it is a treat for the veterans who have played the now-old trolley many times.