Adidas launches new Xbox-themed sneakers to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Xbox

Adidas has released new Xbox-themed sneakers to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox. As expected, they are very green.

Xbox The news was announced today, revealing that these sneakers will represent the company’s first collaboration with another company to create shoes inspired by the console. This pair of shoes is inspired by the special edition translucent green Xbox released in 2001 for the launch of Halo: Combat Evolved.

“Adidas Forum’s technical design balances nostalgia while embracing modern technology, symbolizing how we view our own Xbox history-celebrating the past 20 years and looking forward to the infinite future of games,” the Xbox blog post wrote.

You can see these trendy Xbox Adidas sneakers above, but if they don’t match your liking, don’t worry: Xbox says these shoes are just the beginning of its partnership with Adidas. In the coming months, it will “Continue to launch more sneakers inspired by the past and current generations of Xbox consoles, including the first sneakers that our fans can buy later this year, to commemorate our 20th anniversary.”

Yes, you read that right-these first sports shoes will not be available for purchase.However, you can Follow Xbox on Twitter Maybe win a pair. Be sure to check out the Xbox blog post about these sneakers for a very nostalgic early 2000s skateboarding vibe video about these shoes and what they mean to the company.

This Adidas cooperation may be the first time Xbox has collaborated with a sports shoe brand to create shoes inspired by game consoles, but this is not Xbox’s first sports shoe cooperation.As early as July, the company announced that it had cooperated with Nike to create some Limited Edition Space Jam: A New Legacy shoes. Elsewhere in the game, Puma announced in August that it would release Special Edition Animal Crossing: New Vision Sneakers.

Would you buy these shoes? What other video game companies should release some themed sneakers? Please let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Xbox]