After 13 years of development, Half-Life’s mod about a maritime attack on the Black Mesa has been released to rave reviews

Half-Life: Field Strength A new mod for Valve’s 1998 shooter, launched this week after 13 years in development. Created by three veteran modders named Hazard Team, whose previous work includes 2009’s prequel mod Half-Life: Sensing, Field strength is a bigger project. Taking inspiration from Opposing Force, the mod’s 34 maps tell the story of a Marine who is sent to Black Mesa to suppress an alien invasion and silence the scientists working there. The mod has received a very positive reception, with one ModDB user calling it “one of the best mods I’ve ever played”.

Hazard Team started work on the mod in 2009 after Induction was released. Originally called Soldier’s Adventure, Team Dangerous wanted to make a “classic” Half-Life mod that, in the words of its programmer Roman Chistokhodov, “tells the story of events in Montenegro from another character’s point of view.” The mod Initially focused on the Marine Corps’ overt attack on the Black Mountain facility. “The opposition started with the Osprey crash, Adrian Shepard was unconscious for a long time, and skipped most of the Half-Life storyline,” Chistokhdorf said. “We’re trying to fill that void and show some HECU action ahead of the evacuation order.”