After 40 games, I’m surprised that the Jackbox party bag is still so good

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(Image source: Future)

In addition to our 2021 Major Game Awards, every member of the PC Gamer team has focused on the games they love this year. For the rest of this month, we will release the new employee draft and our main awards.

There is a game about drawing weapons in Jackbox Party Pack 8. No, this is not Drawful, because you will not guess what the other party’s weapon is. In weapon drawing, your work is a smokescreen of murder mystery. Hidden in each murder weapon drawing is a letter from the artist’s name (it can be a business card if you want), and identifying it is the only reliable way to know who.

You can also name the party guests who are the target of the murder, whether it is “Pipplebuff Crumblebottom” or “George Pleasedontkillmeton”. In our last game of drawing weapons on Thanksgiving, I had to draw out a sword and figure out how to hide my whistleblower “M” in it. I decided to disguise the spiked consonant as the hilt of a sword. Before my friends remembered it, pretending to work for six full seconds, suspicious The shape of the handle.

jackbox party bag

Recreate my sword from memory, the letters are highlighted in red. (Image source: Future)

If you have been tracking, this makes weapon drawing part art game, part hidden identity, part creative writing. I have never played a similar game before, considering that there are now 40(!) Jackbox games in total, which is really amazing. With Party Pack 8, you might think that our team is tired of entering room codes and drawing obscure prompts, but Jackbox can surprise us every year.

I think Jackbox is very good at borrowing concepts from its own games to make new games, which is very helpful. For example, weapon drawing is a murder distortion of Drawful and Fakin’ It. The Wheel of Enormous Proportions is the most casual game in this package, with the same trivia format as Trivia Murder Party, with randomization added by spinning the wheel. Drawful Animate is… well, it’s just more Drawful, except now you can draw a few frames to tell a story.

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If the clown happened, I would cry too. (Image source: Jackbox Games)

One of my favorite mixes in Party Pack 8 is Job Job. This requires players to answer as many benign prompts as possible. Then the player must answer a new prompt, but only with a set of words from the previous answer. The results usually sound like auto-correction challenges that are grammatically correct but never really make sense.