After 9 hours, Back 4 Blood is very exciting

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead from Turtle Rock Studios. It is now released and we are playing it. Well, it was not officially “out” until October 12, but considering that anyone who pre-ordered the game can start playing it from yesterday, it is basically in the middle of a soft release. Those who don’t have a pre-order (because pre-ordering the game is stupid) or planning to play it on Game Pass can only wait until Tuesday.

We will conduct a full review of the game at that time, but at the same time, I have recorded my impressions based on the first nine hours of slaughtering zombies with my friends. Point? So far, Back 4 Blood is very interesting, not as complicated or bloated as I feared. As I play more levels, try more cleaners and unlock more modifier cards, please check back for updates.

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