After a year of blockade, I can’t stand the time loop game

wake up. Work in the same space. Perform the same work over and over again-maybe, just maybe, do a little bit better in this area. repeat. Although I’m describing a typical workday in the last few months, I can easily talk about Arkane Studios’ Deathloop-it’s just that there are fewer assassinations and otherworldly superpowers. And, undeniably, I didn’t really get better in eliminating all eight visionaries in one day.

The point is that the time loop game strangely reflects this unprecedented time in our lives. This is an interesting or frustrating coincidence, depending on your point of view. Given how long it takes to make games, let alone the devastation caused by the recent pandemic, these games cannot be a response to Covid. However, since March 2020 (when things were first completely blocked in the UK where I live), we have had “The Forgotten City”, the return on the console, Outer Wilds DLC and “Twelve Minutes”. I cannot face any of them.

The problem is, I hope I can. I like the style and swagger of Deathloop. Its creativity and confidence in the player can successfully use the corners and crevices of Blackreef to complete tasks that once seemed impossible. This is one of the games I most look forward to, ever. I also appreciate the ingenuity of Outer Wilds, because I played for a while before the pandemic, and the Echoes of the Eye expansion pack may be the perfect excuse to fly into space again.

(Image source: Annapurna Interactive)

In any case, I can’t stand the idea of ​​launching any of these games, even though this is the best year since England adopted any form of lockdown. For the same reason, I don’t like roguelike either: I’m currently struggling to cope with the pressure of being kicked back to the beginning of the game without making any progress. This thought reminded me of the relentless sameness of the blockade. Perhaps the impact of the epidemic on me is greater than I thought.