After all, Steam does not plan to disable downloading of older versions

After it was reported yesterday that Steam may no longer allow you to download old versions of the game, Vavle has contacted Computer game player Clarify the situation and promise that customers can still access the rolled version of the game.

“We don’t actually intend to prohibit downloading the old version,” a statement provided to PC Gamer noted. “What we are working on is a way to deal with edge cases involving unowned content, and to help partners more easily remove builds that need to be removed due to copyright issues. When it is ready, we will have more information about this work Share the boat.”

As we reported yesterday, these issues are mainly related to the way Steam handles authentication and file downloads, so it seems that the files found in the beta client build are just prototypes designed for more specific situations.

This is good news: mod makers, speed runners, and achievement fans rely on older game versions, and it is rather short-sighted for Steam to make them unusable in the long run.

However, it seems that things related to the planning and control of the old version of the game may still occur-the wording in the PC Gamer statement implies that a larger announcement is about to be released.

Maybe some developers can choose to enable the feature that prevents downloading older versions-maybe if they contain copyrighted music or other things-but it remains to be seen