After the concert tragedy, Epic removed Travis Scott’s face from the Fortnite store

An emoticon Fort night Travis Scott has been removed from today’s item store, this is the ongoing investigation into the tragedy of the rapper’s Astroworld music festival, which resulted in 8 deaths.

according to European players, Epic Games has removed the Out West emoji (which contains music samples from musicians) and all other items in the daily section of the store. The store is scheduled to return tomorrow, but Travis Scott’s expression is likely to disappear for a while.

Epic’s Twitter account is dedicated to updating players’ information about the state of the game. It acknowledges that the daily store has been removed, but it is not directly linked to Astroworld’s activities.

“As we all know, the “daily” part of the item store has been disabled. This is intentional, and the “daily” part will be returned the next time the item store is refreshed,” said A tweet From the developer.

According to media reportsAt the event held at Astroworld last weekend, 8 people were killed and as many as 300 were injured. An entrance to the festival venue was apparently destroyed. A group of people without tickets entered the area, resulting in overcrowding and eventually a surge in crowds, which turned out to be fatal.

The rest of the festival was cancelled, and Epic is likely to include the Out West emoji in the store to promote the end of the originally planned holiday date. At the time of writing, the person who owns the emoji can still use it in the game-the emoji is only removed from the store, not the entire game (at this time).

Travis Scott’s Fortnite emoji was included in the game behind the performer’s 2020 in-game concert, which ultimately brought Scott a dazzling $20 million.