After the release of Halo Infinite, the player base of Splitgate PlayStation has increased

For those who might be worried about the longevity of sci-fi shooters Split door After Halo Infinite was released at the end of last year, don’t worry! In an interview with The Loadout, Ian Proulx, the co-founder of 1047 Games, revealed that since the launch of Halo, the number of players playing games on PlayStation consoles has actually increased.

The interview covered various topics, such as the great success of the game in 2021, the future of the game entering a new year, etc., and painted a positive picture of 1047 Games and its games. In fact, Ian has an overly positive view of Halo Infinite’s success, believing that the two games can coexist in the future.

“Actually I am very happy [Halo Infinite] Go out,” he said. “To be honest, I think that in the long run, “Halo Infinity” and “Split Gate” will help each other.I think there is so much noise and so much battle royale now, and [these two games] The shooting game genre is bringing people into the arena. “

“You know, there are a lot of kids who have never played Halo, right? There are a lot of kids who have never played Quake or Unreal Tournament. They have never played this kind of game. Let them get in touch with this, I think it’s good for the whole genre Said it is a good thing.”

It is worth noting that the increase in the number of PlayStation platforms does not mean an increase in the overall number of players, and the PlayStation platform is the only platform with a significant increase in the number of players. We can only assume that the effect of Halo Infinite is about the Xbox and PC population of the game.

That being said, this is the kind of enthusiasm you like to see, and it’s nice to see that small developers like 1047 Games can do so well, even when a large number of industry vibrators relinquish their titles around it. With the planned Xbox Series X/S, hiring more employees, and plans to launch a series of new content in 2022, Splitgate does not seem to disappear anytime soon.

Last year, Dorrani sat down to play Splitgate, and when it first started to cause a sensation, he wrote: “It’s not perfect, but it relieved my Halo withdrawal symptoms from fierce competition and returned to a solid arena to shoot. It feels good in the game.” As early as September, Ian Proulx stated that the game was only 25% complete and there are more updates in progress.