After Wario and Waluigi, Nintendo must give us Watoad

More than 20 years have passed since Nintendo introduced the new “Wa” character to the wider Nintendo classic. Waluigi, a character destined to never appear as a playable character in Super Smash Bros., is the last one. It’s time to finally change this situation.

Nintendo won the gold medal with Wario, which is the opposite of Mario’s greed, gluttony and aggressiveness.Since its launch in 1992 Super Mario Land 2: 6 gold coins, Wario characters allow Nintendo and other developers to become weird, using the chaotic neutral version of Mario as a vehicle for experiments such as WarioWare and Wario Land games.

Waluigi, born in 2000 Mario Tennis, It feels like a natural extension of Wario, although “Bad Luigi” did not fully shape the personality of his evil predecessor (nor the game catalog). In the intervening years, Nintendo also authorized the creation of Boshi, a bad boy version of Yoshi with no shoes but a spiked collar. The original Japanese name of Boshi was Wasshi, which borrowed the same Wa naming scheme as Wario.

But why does Nintendo stop here? Why not “pretend” the entire mushroom kingdom to create a huge weird playground? Why not Wapeach, Wadaisy, and the kind and generous Wabowser (aka Wowser) that is consistent with the twists and turns of the personality traits Used to Kidnap and kill anyone? Shouldn’t Nintendo create a complete Super Mario classic in the mirror dimension of the Bizarro World playground?This proposed alternative universe is sometimes called Mario Cube Theory: If a (good) Mario thing exists, does a (bad) Wario version of that thing exist?

Of course, I am far from the first to propose the Wafication of the Super Mario Bros. series. Twitter, Tumblr, and DeviantArt are flooded with fan art from Wapeach and Wadaisy-these dark, cunning princesses are antiquated art fields. Artists’ thoughts on Wapeach and Wadaisy are often pleasingly diversified, extending in various ways to the design of Wario and Waluigi’s female image cartoons: colder, more cruel, sexier, fatter, thinner, and more grotesque.

As for Wowser, Bowser’s Wa counterpart, sweet and naive, one of the better fan-created imaginations comes from the artist Greg MerlotHis view of Wowser was just to do something good for Peach and support the efforts of the Koopa Troopa union, but he was bullied by Wario and Waluigi.

Nintendo and its partners have previously tried to build an extended universe of Wa beyond what we know. Mario Tennis and Mario Golf developer Camelot Software once proposed to give Princess Peach Wa treatment, but it was reportedly shut down by Nintendo. Nintendo apparently did not want to tarnish the princess’s health brand.

“We asked Nintendo about Wario and Luigi’s girlfriends,” Camelot president Hiroyuki Takahashi told Nintendo Power in an interview in 2000, “but Mr. Miyamoto said he didn’t even want to see their girlfriends.” According to reports, one of them was reported. The abandoned idea was named Warupachi.

This is an area where Nintendo seems unwilling to make concessions. I believe we will not see the official Wapeach or Wadaisy in our lifetime.

Captain Syrup
Image: Nintendo

However, A theory It is claimed that Toadette-herself an extension of Toad-has been secretly equivalent to Wario’s Princess Peach.Treasures of Love and Mario’s party games both hint at the personal relationship between Wario and Toadette: Mario Party 6, The team name of the two is “confidant”, in Mario Party 8, Their team name is “Two Agents”. There are many things to consider.

Another theory is that Captain Syrup, the pirate and ruler of the kitchen island in the Wario Land game, has already played the role of Wapeach. Syrup rules the islands of criminals and may even rule the surrounding seas, making her a member of various royal families. Syrup and Wario are rivals, which may further consolidate her position as Waltao-if Mario and Taozi have a good relationship, shouldn’t Wario and his “Wato” have a bad relationship?

Although these two are not official “Wa” roles, Nintendo still has some hope-and a good candidate-to expand the Wa classic. My personal wish-I think our best choice for the fourth Wa character in the playable and most well-known hero of the Super Mario series-is the “bad” version of Toad.

The reasons are as follows:

  1. Toads are mushroom people, they are very good. The mushrooms in the Super Mario game are very good. However, Super Mario Bros. 2 -You may know it Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Level — Introduced the Poisonous Mushroom, which is a debuff (bad) version of the (good) Powerful Mushroom. Therefore, somewhere in the moist underground of the Mushroom Kingdom, there must and should be a poisonous tile toad (Woad? Warioad?!).
  2. Toad is the headline playable character in multiple Super Mario games, including the original Super Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros Wii you, with Super Mario 3D World. Toad and Toadette are also headlines Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
  3. Nintendo is happy to use Toad as a template for other characters (such as Toadette, Toadsworth, Captain Toad), so why not give him a competitor? The Paper Mario game also introduces a concept Divorced toad, Which marks a rare interpersonal conflict in Toad.
  4. The bad version of Toad already exists in one form: Mommy-me. That is the undead and mummified version of Toad, it frightened Captain Toad and Toad Treasure trackerWith this precedent, we can logically assume that Toad is capable of doing wrong… Even murder!
  5. The only other long-existing character in the Mario universe, Donkey Kong, cannot use “W” or “Wa” to correct his name, nor can he appear in E-rated video games. (Please do not write such names in the comments of this article.)

Therefore, Toad is Nintendo’s most dynamic character to expand the Wa universe that needs to be developed. The only question remaining: Does Nintendo have enough courage to do it?