After years of development, witch shop sim Potionomics finally releases this fall

I’ve been following the development of witch shop sim Potionomics (not to be confused with Potion Craft) loosely for quite some time now –more than four years, obviously. It’s been “coming” long enough to expand that definition, but now it’s finally coming. The new trailer shows us the cross-section of brewing, haggling, and management involved in running a successful potion store, and Potionomics is also reminiscent of the fall 2022 release window.

I’ve long wanted store management sims to have their own heyday, and Potionomics certainly looks like it could fit my needs. Casual life boilers (and deep Recettear fans) will recognize this setup: Sylvia the witch has inherited a potion shop from a dead family member, and she’s been revitalizing the place to get out of debt.