After years of terrible Hollywood adaptations, video games finally found a home on Netflix

Castlevania was originally imitating the Universal Monster movie, sending an orange guy with a whip to beat the mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, and the villain Dracula.Castlevania, this show, explored the relationship between four immortal vampire queens in the fourth season, reflecting on how we deal with grief, and It looks absolutely incredible in sportsI don’t think this is what anyone expected, but seven years after the last (defamated) Castlevania game, the Netflix series has become the new benchmark for video game adaptations.

I can imagine another universe where we never got Netflix’s Castlevania because Konami is still scarred by the disastrous Hollywood adaptations of the 90s. Dolph Lundgren is Simon Belmont of the Hornet and John Travolta is the most overridden Dracula in the history of the screen. This movie is so sensational that its only enduring cultural heritage is Dolph slamming a ridiculous fake Medusa head. Virus reaction gif until its eyes were dug out.