Age of Empires 3: The definitive edition will get Mexican Civilization in December

Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition The player is acquiring a new civilization.

According to the AoE3 team, on December 1st, Mexican civilization will join the game as “the most strategically diverse civilization to date”.

The Mexican Civilization DLC will include the civilizations of the Mexican states, and new scenes unique to this civilization will be added to the historical battles. The price of DLC is $5.99.

Unlike other civilizations in the game, Mexican states can choose to resist instead of advancing to the fortress, industry, or empire era. Every uprising provides various opportunities, and civilization has the opportunity to reverse the uprising and return to Mexico. They can do this while still enjoying the benefits of any cards sent during the revolution. Add a new set of federations to improve your gameplay, and the Mexican civilization can adapt to any strategic situation.

In the new historical battle content Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores), you will participate in a revolution. Here, the War of Independence (1810) was triggered by a Catholic priest giving extra powers to the Spanish elite in response to the Bourbon Reform, which weakened the power of the church. This caused dissatisfaction among the Mexican rural population and brought about a period of turmoil, which helped create the necessary conditions for local riots and eventual uprisings.

In addition to the new civilization, it was also announced that those with the previously released American Civilization DLC will receive the Battle of the Burning History of the USS Philadelphia for free even if they do not have the Mexico DLC.

Finally, the owner of the American and Mexican Civilization DLC will get another historical battle: the Battle of Queenston Heights. This was the first major battle in the War of 1812 and took place near Queenston, Upper Canada-now known as Ontario. This battle takes place between the United States and the New York Militia, and the owners of the two DLCs can use this scenario even if they purchase each DLC separately.

If you don’t have American Civilization ($4.99) and you also want Mexican Civilization, both will be provided as a bundle. This means you will get civilization and all three historical battles at the same time in one package. It is priced at $9.11 on Steam and $9.99 on the Microsoft Store.