Age of Empires 4 held a technical stress test this weekend

Everyone is invited to join Age of Empires 4 Technical stress test this weekend.

The stress test will begin on Friday, September 17th at 10 am Eastern Time, 1 pm Eastern Time, and 6 pm UK, and will continue until Monday, September 20th at 10 am Pacific Time and 1 pm Eastern Time. , UK at 6 pm.

The technical stress test will be different from the closed test held in August in three aspects.

First of all, the goal is to scale the server and system to prepare for the release of the game. The reason why the test is held over a weekend is that as many people as possible can participate during this window to ensure that the matching, lobby, and other systems are functioning properly.

Secondly, the test will not be restricted by invitations, and the previous requirements are not required this time. Whether you are an Age Insider or not, this version will be available in the Xbox Insider Hub app or Steam.

Third, if you meet or exceed the minimum specifications, you are welcome to participate. Added additional in-game settings for the technical stress test, which means that if you meet the minimum specifications, you will be able to play the game again. The game will automatically detect and select the correct settings based on the hardware, including settings specifically for devices with the lowest specifications.

In terms of content, most aspects of the game during the test period will focus on multiplayer games, but you will also have the opportunity to play against the AI ​​through a multiplayer custom lobby. If you like, you can also try the game’s tutorial. However, the development team encourages people to play against others so that data from different games from different servers can be recorded and help prepare the system for the release day.

During the test period, Britain, China, the Holy Roman Empire and the Abbasid civilization will be provided with five different maps.

First, on Friday, September 17, you should be able to access the build version through the Xbox Insider Hub app on PC and the game product page on Steam. Pre-registration can also be done through these two methods.

Those who have played the closed beta should know that some changes have taken place since August. This includes adjustments to the camera distance, which now allows more visibility on the screen. English and Chinese civilization have also carried out additional balancing work, and the team has also fixed errors that affect the visual, audio, economic and game settings.

Finally, unlike the internal test, the technical stress test is not under the confidentiality agreement.

As the fourth installment in one of the most popular real-time strategy games, Age of Empires 4 will soon be available on PC, Windows Store and Steam’s Xbox Game Pass.

It will expand your empire in familiar and new ways by building cities, managing resources, and leading your troops to fight on land and sea. The game also contains four different battles, including 35 missions, spanning 500 years of history from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance.

There are various battles in the game, such as Joan of Arc’s mission to defeat the British. You can command the Mongolian army as Genghis Khan.

In PvP and PvE multiplayer game modes, you can also jump online, compete, cooperate or watch with up to 7 people.

If you are new to the series, here is a tutorial system that can teach the essence of real-time strategy and story mode, so that beginners can carry out the battle relatively easily.

It will be released on October 28.