Alan Wake 2 will be released in 2023 as Remedy’s first survival horror game

It finally happened: Alan Wake 2 in the process of making. However, it will not be released until sometime in 2023. Still so. It’s coming. Hazza!

It was announced tonight by Sam Lake of Remedy Entertainment during The Game Awards that the game has been going on between every project of the company and completed by a small core team dedicated to the game concept.

Now, its development team is much larger.

“Through Control, our 2019 game, we built the Remedy Connected Universe, where Control and Alan Wake exist in the same universe,” Lake said PlayStation Blog.

“AWE, the second expansion of Control, establishes a crossover event between the two games and hints at what is about to happen.”

According to what Lake said at The Game Awards, Alan Wake 2 will be a survival horror game, and it seems to be darker than the previous games. Although the first Alan Wake has horror elements, it is essentially an action game. This will be Remedy’s first survival horror game with its own style.

More information about the game will be shared next year.