Alan Wake Remastered leaks at Epic Games Store

Sheriff Sayed
June 18, 2021 12:17 GMT

It looks like you’re getting a remaster of Alan Wake.

Today seems to be a big issue for leaks in the Epic Games Store. Another unreleased game appeared after a reference to FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake was found in the store’s database. Alan Way Climaster..

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EpicDataThe existence of Alan Wake Remaster, a website that tracks database updates for the Epic Games Store, has been revealed. An unpublished project developed by the author Remedy appears to support cloud storage, judging by the strings of code found.

Unfortunately, we don’t really know anything more. That said, the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAlan Wake remastering at the Epic Games Store is quite valid. Not only is Alan Wake a beloved game with visual upgrades available, but the presence of remasters is in line with recent reports that Remedy’s next game is Alan Wake 2.

The project is said to be Remedy’s mysterious major game funded by Epic Games. It makes a lot of sense as a way for Remedy to remaster Alan Wake to raise its profile and raise expectations for the sequel.

That said, you should always take this kind of leak with a grain of salt. The fact that the name is displayed does not explicitly mean that the game in question will appear in the store.

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