Aliens: Fireteam Elite Year 1 promises to make changes and “add more fun” to struggling shooters

Cold Iron Studios announced the first year roadmap for its multiplayer bug hunting game Aliens: Fireteam Elite. New game modes, weapons, privileges, etc. are all on the way, but the main focus will be “improving the quality of life and adding fun to the existing content of the game.”

Season 2 will start sometime before the end of 2021, and it will include new game modes and “features” (none of which are disclosed), as well as 4 new weapons, more than 10 new accessories, the same number of cosmetics and some new challenges Card. The third quarter, which is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2022, will provide similar mixed content through a new kit rather than a new model, and the fourth quarter will launch another new model in the third quarter of this year.

(Image source: Cold Iron Studio)

However, it is understandable that changes in the quality of life are the top priority. Since its launch in August, “Alien: Fireteam Elite” on Steam has been greatly reduced, from the average number of concurrent players exceeding 10,000 to this moment, Less than 500.