All Scarlet Nexus Conclusion Codes for Anime TV Tie-ups

By Josh Broadwell
June 29, 2021 17:01 GMT

Added by Namco Bandai Scarlet Nexus Musubi TV Code It connects the anime series with the game and gives enthusiastic series fans the opportunity to unlock special cosmetics for the protagonist and other companions.

Code cracking quests start as a branch from previous side quests and there is no way to game the system. You need to watch each episode and decipher the secret message. Or you should keep checking the Scarlet Nexus code list.

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What is Scarlet Nexus Conclusion Code?

The ScarletNexus code is distributed in the ScarletNexus anime and is available at Musubi’s if the name has not yet been given as a gift. This is part of an optional side quest and can be started early in the game when Musubi opens as a fast travel location. Each code unlocks a special cosmetic item for Yutio, Kasane, or a member of the OSF team.

The code is usually presented as a phrase or short sentence related to a story about a friend of a journalist. It’s case sensitive, but it doesn’t get wild with random capitalization like some code does.

How to use Scarlet Nexus Musubi code

When the area opens early in the standby phase, you will receive a brain message from the conclusion. Travel there, talk to Musubi and start the quest.

The first code is a kind of tutorial for deciphering secret messages, but if you don’t want to handle it, skip to the previous code list.

After passing the first code to the conclusion, you can talk to her again and select the file to redeem your password. However, the code is only available after the corresponding episode of the anime broadcast. Even if you have the code in advance, Conclusion does not offer the option to use it.

Scarlet Nexus Anime: Where to Look

Scarlet Nexus Anime will be aired on Funimation from July 1st.Can be streamed Episode 1 And Episode 2 However, it’s free on Funimation’s YouTube channel.

Scarlet nexus TV code

Here is the current Scarlet Nexus Musubi code. We will update it as soon as it is released.

All Scarlet Nexus Musubi Code All Scarlet Nexus Musubi Code
code reward
code 1,000 kin
Such a liar Yuito Poster Board Vision
Tell the truth Undecided

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