All the scenes of people secretly shit in the sand dunes

You may have heard that everyone is dune Pull your pants.Although Dennis Villeneuve’s new film adaptation evades this simple classic fact, it does not negative Either-so anyone who has read Frank Herbert’s original or watched the 1984 film version of David Lynch can whisper to their date, the man on the screen, Paul Dunn, is now completely in his pants Big shot.

Or at least, this is what I wanted to do at the moment I watched this movie-a luxurious and completely fascinating spectacle. Despite its length, I never left to go to the bathroom.Where is the future Sand dunes part two It’s a reality. I run a marathon in the theater. This may be a bigger challenge. Still life clothes may help.

As you may know from reading dune (Or Polygon dot com’s handy dune guide), the Freemans are natives of the harsh desert planet of Arrakis, and they developed what they call Stillsuits to survive in the absence of fresh water. Stillsuits recovered almost all of the body’s water. Herbert’s novel points out that it includes urine and feces, which are processed in the stillsuit’s thigh pads.

Like I said, once you keep this fact firmly in your mind, remember it when you watch it dune, You will immediately want to know who is pooping and when. So I did it.

[Ed. note: The rest of this post contains mild spoilers for Dune (2021).]

Stool is definitely part of the Gom Jabbar ritual

Image: Warner Bros./HBO Max

Although this scene takes place before any of our heroes set foot on Arrakis and can still be seen without seeing it, it is absolutely impossible for anyone not to experience the Gom Jabbar ritual (the one with the pain box) No Definitely invalidates everything. There is nothing shameful about this-this is definitely a banana way of treating teenagers, and Paul responded with incredible composure.

Duke Leto, an excellent poop

Duke Leto Atredes greets Sephir Havat in Arakis in the Dunes (2021)

Image: Warner Bros./HBO Max

I made some speculations here, mainly because I wanted to notice the satisfied look on Duke Leto’s face when he arrived in Arakis.As the newly appointed regent of Arrakis, I don’t think Leto will allow himself to have a BM, no matter how impressed he is with this still life suit, because he spends most of the time dune Feeling trapped in the world, still not deciding how to best accumulate Power of the desertOn the contrary, I imagine this is what Leto’s No. 2 face looks like, because the Duke of Leto does everything the same: handsome.

Stillga, express the highest respect

Stillga enters the council of the Duke of Leto in the dunes (2021)

Image: Warner Bros./HBO Max

dune This is not exactly a comedy, but it does have one or two interesting out-of-water scenes, such as the first meeting of the Duke of Leto’s committee with Freeman leader Steele. Stillga really doesn’t have time to show royal etiquette, but he does have some customs of his own, such as spitting on the Duke’s table to show respect. Freemans think that body moisture is very precious, as Duncan Idaho told the Duke, when they don’t preserve moisture, it means a lot. Then, Stilgar will start work immediately and recover some fresh water to make up for the loss, which makes sense.

Paul, I understand

Paul Atreides kneels at the bottom of the sand track of Dune (2021).

Image: Warner Bros./HBO Max

This is young Paul’s first bad spice journey, and there are more. This is also his first close encounter with sandworms. For all of these, there is actually only one reasonable response.

The invisible man in the dunes

Before a duel in the dune desert, the Freemans gather around Paul Atreides (2021).

Image: Warner Bros./HBO Max

At this point, you might be wondering if I just indulged in toilet humor at work in a cheap way with someone wearing and still wearing in every scene (and some they didn’t). That would be wrong.This is a work of careful study and reflection, done by a thoughtful person a lot of Regarding their intuition, and will definitely enjoy the freedom of static clothing.

Take this scene as an example, there are many Fremen squats in anticipation duneClimax duel. It is easy to say that this is a public evacuation, but it is cheap and false. There is only one person shit here, and he is the one who tries the hardest to look the most relaxed.

Zendaya plays Inalan in Dune (2021).

Image: Warner Bros./HBO Max

It’s Zandaya.