All working anime fighting simulator codes and what they give you

By Josh Broadwell
June 14, 2021 15:46 GMT

If you are playing Anime fighting simulator, You will want to take advantage of a lot Anime fighting simulator code..

These codes provide one of two, the power shard or the circle. Anime Fighting Simulator code tends to prefer power shards, but both are essential to powering up your character.

That’s not a bad thing either. The power shard powers up your hero and gives you the chance to take the lead in any battle.

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Purpose of use of anime fighting simulator code

If you don’t know how to get addicted to Anime Fighting Simulator, using code is a quick way — if you’re lucky.

The power shard can be exchanged for a boost that gives you a lot of power, such as habits, stands, and kagunes.

But you have to roll for them. The cost of each roll is 2,000 pieces of power, and these codes are especially useful.

The anime fighting simulator code will not give you an infinite circle. However, the yen you earn is still useful because you can invest the yen in your ability to earn multiplier boosts for a limited time.

How to use anime fighting simulator code

Select the Twitter-shaped icon on the left side of the screen to display the code redemption menu. Then enter the code and select “Use”. Collect your rewards and enter another.

Many codes, such as 1,000 power shards, have specific values ​​attached to them. Others will be distributed with general instructions only. Still, free yen is better than nothing.

All anime fighting simulator code that works

Anime Fighting Simulator Code List
code reward region
Thank everyonefor1mlikeweloveyou 50,000 power shard World wide
Emperador Star 5,000 Power Fragments World wide
elemperador100k! 5,000 Power Fragments World wide
5000 5,000 Power Fragments World wide
kelvin600k 3,000 Power Fragments World wide
gggames50k 2,000 Power Fragments World wide
secretrazorfishcode 2,000 Power Fragments World wide
Elemperadorinlive 2,000 Power Fragments World wide
Mrrhino50k 2,000 Power Fragments World wide
medtw50k 2,000 Power Fragments World wide
Thanks bug fix 2,000 Power Fragments World wide
defildstream 2,000 Power Fragments World wide
Frangonewcode 1,000 Power Fragments World wide
subtodefildplays 1,000 Power Fragments World wide
emperadorsubs 1,000 Power Fragments World wide
n1colas2sub 1,000 Power Fragments World wide
Defildpromo Power shard World wide
Bigboi100k Power shard World wide
another bugfix Power shard World wide
VexoStream Power shard World wide
tigre250k Power shard World wide
sub2kelvin Power shard World wide
NNG Power shard World wide
sub2hakimbo Power Shard World wide
GGgames40k Power Shard World wide
Lastyearcode750k Power Shard World wide
subtofrangoforchikara Power shard World wide
defild700k Power shard World wide
Tigre200k Power shard World wide
sub2emperadormaxi Power shard World wide
Defilled Power Shard World wide
tigretv2sub Power shard World wide
tigretvsub Power shard World wide
Subfrango Power shard World wide
L3NI Power shard World wide
subn1colas Power Shard World wide
Subemperadormaxi Power shard World wide
Sub2tanqr Power Shard World wide
Defil Dien 1,000 yen World wide
frango2yen 500 yen World wide
tigrehaveyen 500 yen World wide
sub2tplanetmilo 500 yen World wide
subtomrrhino 500 yen World wide
subtokelvingts 500 yen World wide
sub2razorfishgaming 500 yen World wide

Anime Fighting Simulator Expired Code

There are dozens of codes floating on the Internet. If you try to use it and it turns out to be invalid, it may be in the expired code list.

Anime Fighting Simulator Expired Code List
dwaxinstream 2,000 Power Fragments
Rename Power Shard
GoodByeBugs Power shard
20kblockzone Power shard
500m per year 20,000 Power Fragments
600kamazing 5,000 Power Fragments
frango2sub 1,000 Power Fragments
Reached 450 thank you Power shard
900k member Power shard
500komg Power Shard
Frangonovo Power shard
Impeccable two75 Power shard
50 fantastic 500 yen
twitter5k 10,000 power shards
Seventy-five 500 yen
Pedigree correction 5,000 Power Fragments
fav75 500 yen
1seventy5kay Power shard
one50klikes Power shard
Christmas 19 Power shard
Subtigretv Power shard

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