Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West is more dynamic and lifelike than ever

I remember watching the extensive Horizon Ban Western trailer that premiered during Sony’s State of Play in May. During Aloy’s fierce new San Francisco trek, a large number of new mechanics and equipment appeared. The sequel to “Zero Dawn” looks like a next-generation visual milestone, and various designers of guerrilla games — from director Ben McCaw to lead character artist Bastian Ramis — have reiterated this goal. More importantly, Aloy, the heroine of Horizon Forbidden West, is back, and she is more energetic/lively than ever.

in a Long article On the official PlayStation blog, McCaw talked about Aloy’s journey from a social/cultural exile to a legendary robot hunter, and her new role in the upcoming game:

McCaw said: “Aloi was born and grew up as an outcast, with a unique view of the world.” “She sympathizes with those who suffer, and strongly urges the punishment of powerful oppressors. Although she makes friends in adventures. I have made many friends, but she still feels like an outsider. In fact, she does not have a real home. When she ventures into the mysterious border of the Forbidden West, she will explore these aspects of her character in depth.”

McCaw also briefly mentioned that Aloi’s agility and elusiveness are also back. The battle of Forbidden West also has a new depth, with traversal tools like “Pullcaster” and “Shieldwing” (I am a big fan of the latter!):

“Multiple teams have invested countless hours in all aspects of her: her combat moves, her animations, her equipment, her hair and her dialogue,” McCaw said enthusiastically. “Not to mention Ashly Burch’s inspirational voice acting. All these efforts make Aloy feel very real. It also makes her very suitable for all types of players: those who want to fight, explore, and Players who interact with the tribe and NPC, or just want to feel her presence in a beautiful world. So many people work hard to make this possible.”

This holistic, teamwork approach becomes more apparent when Ramisse talks about Aloy and the high level of detail of the world itself. Of course, the technology of PlayStation 5 played an important role in supporting Guerrilla Games’ powerful internal engine. Nevertheless, the visual design team continues to invest resources to further promote the quality of realism and character models. You can see it in the small gallery of Aloy’s facial features above-I mean, you can literally see the peach fluff on her cheeks and chin!

“From an artistic point of view, Horizon Forbidden West really stands on the shoulders of the design foundation that Horizon Zero Dawn has successfully established,” Bastien continued. “In terms of technology, Aloy’s most significant difference and improvement is the increase in face and body capture accuracy, which allows for more realistic shapes and surface details of characters and a careful increase in polygon density to capture handmade and second-hand clothing.”

Horizon Forbidden West will be launched on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on February 18.

Are you excited about the new and improved visual effects/system in Horizon Forbidden West?