Amazon now allows you to transfer between servers in the new world, and the regional transfer will come at some point

Amazon It has been clarified that it is looking for a way where players can move the area New world After retreating on this topic earlier this month, it caused a commotion among fans.

For Amazon’s ambitious new world of MMO, this is a rather busy release: the game attracted 572,689 concurrent players on Steam on the first day of release, causing players to join a less populated server. Bypass queuing time and lengthy login process.

But once things settle down, players will assume they can go back to their local server so they can play with friends or people in their local area, geographically. Therefore, when Amazon backtracked to allow regional transfers, players were very angry.

However, now, the developer has successfully enabled server transfers in the same region, and then at a certain point in time makes a larger change to allow region migration, each Server transfers megathreads At the New World Forum.

“In order to ensure that everyone can find an open world now, and at the same time find a long-term home in Aeternum and their community, we will provide all players with the opportunity to relocate their characters to their choice in the next two weeks. Free on the new server,” Amazon replied on September 28. Nearly a month later, we “finally got there.

Amazon’s 1.0.3 patch “lays the final foundation” for this feature, and it finally appeared in a fledgling way.

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