Amazon Prime Day begins June 21st, with discounts on board games and RPGs.

Amazon’s annual Prime Day event is set for June 21st and 22nd and will undoubtedly include a ton of sales for board games, card games and tabletop playing games. This year’s promotion will also include the ability to support small businesses partnering with online retailers.The announcement was made early Wednesday morning New release..

“Prime members will be able to help small businesses again on this prime day,” Amazon said in a news release. “There are more than one million transactions from small businesses. Members are owned by local blacks. You can shop at Prime Day and many other small businesses, owned by women, owned by military families, and Amazon spends over $ 100 million on Prime Day and the rest of 2021. It drives the success of small businesses selling on Amazon, including promotional activities that encourage customers to shop. “

Here at Polygon, we focus on eradicating prime day sales of desktop games. Over the past few years, Amazon has endeavored to stock its most popular hobby board games, card games, and role-playing games. Past Prime Day promotions in this category include significant discounts, one free promotion for two purchases, and more.

Those who are interested can start ahead. According to Amazon, from June 7th to June 20th, Amazon will offer $ 10 credit for future Prime Day purchases. All you have to do is spend money on “specific small business products and brands based in the US Amazon store” during that period. Expect more information as the promotion begins.