Amazon will ban New World players from exploiting gold repeat loopholes

Some New World players are taking advantage of a recently discovered vulnerability that allows large amounts of gold to be copied.Within a few hours after the vulnerability was discovered, Amazon has issue a statement Remind players that deliberate use of such vulnerabilities is against the rules of the game code of Conduct And offenders will be banned.

The vulnerability was discovered after the release of Update 1.0.3, which eventually transferred the server to the popular MMO. This feature is designed to solve the long server queue problem encountered by many players when it is released.Some players who tried to transfer their characters to different servers were hit “Character_Persist_Failure” mistake. Some players with this error found that if they send gold coins to other players, then log out and log in again, the gold coins they traded will magically return. In the MMO business, we call it a gold scam.Gold deception panic Spread rapidly Today on the subreddit of New World, Amazon Games is taking (now corrected) errors seriously.

“Some players in this small collection transferred gold coins or items when their characters were affected. All these transactions are recorded in our database. We are now reviewing them, and anyone who is found to deliberately use this situation to gain an advantage. Players will be prohibited from using it. We will also delete items or gold received in appropriate circumstances,” Amazon’s forum statement read.

Amazon Game Forum’s statement on gold fraud vulnerabilities. (Image source: Amazon Games)

According to the New World Code of Conduct, “using loopholes or other unintended use of game features” is a violation of the rules. Amazon deliberately used thick strokes and even said: “We reserve the right to determine what constitutes an unfair game and take corrective measures that we deem appropriate.” It is unclear whether players will be permanently banned due to the gold loophole, or whether this will Get a slap on the wrist.