Amazon’s Mass Effect TV series “Close to Deal”

It looks like Commander Shepard will soon launch his favorite TV on Citadel. According to a new report, Amazon Studio Is “close to an agreement” to develop a Mass Effect A TV series based on BioWare’s iconic role-playing series.

If Amazon’s Lord of the Rings and Wheel of Time series are not enough to satisfy your desire for everything from science fiction and fantasy, the company is also considering adapting the classic video game series. deadline.

In an interview with Amazon studio boss Jennifer Salke, Deadline pointed out that the transaction is close to completion but has not yet been confirmed, which means that Amazon and EA have not yet fully agreed to the project.

There are no details about the story, nor whether this is an original story in the Mass Effect universe, a story related to a video game series, or a stage adapted from one of the countless non-game items in the universe.

Considering the difficulties that creatives encountered when trying to make the Mass Effect adaptation start, things in this project may still go south. Look at how bad the Mass Effect movies you have tried.

If this news makes you dream of more Mass Effect content, you will be happy to know that another game in the series is currently in development at BioWare and will likely include Geth.