Amazon’s New World MMO is reportedly bricking the RTX 3090

The closed beta of New World is causing major problems for many users.

Amazon has revived the next MMO, new world, The last closed beta test prior to the official release at the end of August. Many in-game systems have been tuned for this test based on feedback, but no one at Amazon Games expects to address this issue.

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According to multiple user reports (via PC gamer), New World seems to be killing the RTX3090 GPU. As you know, it is the most expensive GPU on the market today and does not consider a scalper or a current crisis. Twitch Streamer Gladd tweeted about this today and linked to a thread At the official forum of New World Many other players have reported the same issue.

Similar reports can be found at New World SubredditSome have RTX 3090 GPUs, and you will not be able to use them after playing the game.

Most of these reports describe the game menu overheating the card and shutting it down. The theory is that the frame rate with no upper limit on the menu is involved in this. This usually just makes the GPU a little hotter and the fan spins faster, but New World seems to push it to the limit and the card consumes too much power and shuts down the voltage regulator (VRM).

Another interesting thing about these reports is that almost everything affects EVGA cards. The problem of overheating also exists in other brands of GPUs, but EVGA owners seem to be suffering from the worst. This is interesting as EVGA (and other manufacturers) have come across Similar issues with power supply components for the launch of the RTX 30 series card..

This issue was later fixed in the Nvidia driver, which restores stability to those GPUs, and everyone thought it was gone forever. If you want to play New World, you need to limit the power consumption of the GPU or underclock / undervolt. You can also limit the frame rate of the game.

I contacted Amazon Games. We will update this story as soon as we get back to you.