Amazon’s “Wheel of Time” TV show reveals the details of Season 2 on NYCC

Amazon’s upcoming fantasy series, Wheel of time, An eventful panel discussion was held today at the New York Comic Con. Presenter Rafe Judkins and actors Rosamunde Pike, Daniel Henney, Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford, Zoë Robbins and Madeleine Madden discussed with Nerdist’s Amy Ratcliffe about what the audience can expect from the first season of the show, while giving a glimpse and some excitement The casting news has already greened the second season.

Judkins outlined Amazon’s adaptation of Robert Jordan’s 14-book American fantasy series at the San Diego Comic-Con in the summer, but more than a month after the premiere, NYCC ticket holders got a more specific view. When asked how he handled the adaptation of such a long-running series, Jakins said it was more about the heart, rather than strictly following every plot point in the book. He wants to make sure that readers will recognize the series and new audiences will be interested in it. “I think if people can see it on the screen and feel that it feels like a book inside, in this invisible way, then we have done our job,” he said.

Fragments of the show premiered during the panel discussion. Judkins described it as “Moiraine’s first arrival in the Two Rivers”. This is cool, because when we first saw all the lovely people on this panel really interact together and in the same room, it was the first time in the series. So, at that moment, everything in the wheel of time was activated. It is these children who live in mountain villages. From the moment they enter the city, their lives have become different. So, this is that moment. ”

The clip shows Egwin (Madden) serving drinks in her parents’ hotel in Two Rivers, the village where the book started. Rand (Stradowski) stood against the wall and looked at Egwin. We saw the hint of a love story, which will be the center of the first season. Perrin (Rutherford) cites a certain ritual that Egwene experienced earlier, but before the two reveal anything further, Moiraine (Pike) and Lan (Henney) appear as Aes Sedai and Warder. We saw the reaction of the main characters, and the first person to talk to Lan was Nynaeve (Robins)-which undoubtedly excites the readers of the book that knows what is about to happen to the characters. We can even see Barney Harris as Mat Cauthon very briefly, even though Harris is about to withdraw from the series because he has been recast in the second season.

Watching the clip gave the audience some understanding of the speed of development of the show, a problem that has existed since the announcement of the adaptation. The message that appeared in the book a long time ago happened immediately, and the hostess of the hotel noticed that Moiraine’s Aes Sedai ring appeared on the screen.

Jakins talked about how the series will compare with other fantasy stories that audiences may already be familiar with. He pointed out that when these books were first released in 1990, they were very revolutionary, with a neat cast, multiple perspectives in the narrative, and the main characters were divided into men and women, rather than focusing on one gender.He continues to recognize Wheel of time Severely influenced by Eastern philosophies such as Hinduism and Buddhism, at the end of the day, the story is not so much a dispute between good and evil as an attempt to restore a sense of balance in the world.

The entire crew is reading this series-Stradowski is the furthest, all the way to the eleventh book-they are inspired by the intricacies that Jordan gave them. Every member of the actor feels completely connected to the role they play on the screen.

Although introduced in the first book, a specific role is missing from the cast list for the first season. Fans will be happy to learn that they can finally see Elaine Trakander (dad, Emma’s Wonderful World). Judkins also announced the actor Natasha O’Keefe (Pinnacle blind, Out of place) And Mela Ser (Kumar No. 42, Broad Church) Will also be added to the cast. Although it is unclear what role they will play, Jakins does hint that they will play the two most important roles in the entire series.

Wheel of time It premiered on Amazon on November 19.