AMD 7000 Series V-Cache CPUs Compete With Intel’s 13th Gen CPUs That Could Hit 6GHz

The next generation of CPUs is coming, and probably sooner than expected. The latest rumors point to AMD’s Zen 4 processors launching in September, while Intel’s 13th-gen Raptor Lake (opens in new tab) The model will be launched by the end of this year.

The first skirmish between AMD and Intel over gaming supremacy will be interesting, but the best SKUs will be delayed until after the first wave of releases. We already know that AMD plans to release 3D V-cache equipped versions of some of its models. These will definitely provide better gaming performance than the non-3D Zen 4 models. Can Intel fight back? There’s a new rumor suggesting that Intel’s best chips may be able to hit 6GHz thanks to mature process and architectural improvements.