AMD engineer confirms RDNA3 multi node GPU designs

Sometimes a juicy leak comes from an unexpected source. In this case, the leak comes from an AMD Infinity Data Fabric Silicon Design engineer who probably got a good dressing down from their boss after screenshots of what they are working on circulated on the internet, ( and have since been removed). A keen eyed twitterer @blueisviolet spotted a Linkedin entry from a ‘Principal member of Technical Staff’. It shows that several next generation AMD RDNA3 GPUs are very likely to feature MCM technology.

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The engineer, who is working on both Infinity Fabric and GPUs almost certainly indicates that several next generation RDNA3 graphics cards will feature an MCM or multi-chip module design. The mix of process nodes is another giveaway, and then there’s the fact that AMD already has a high performance MCM compute GPU on the market so its engineers have experience with it.