AMD’s next-gen graphics cards will have higher power levels, but not as high as Nvidia’s

It’s still a long time before AMD and Nvidia’s next-gen graphics cards launch, and most details are still sparse. But if I know one thing, it’s that the relative power consumption will increase. RTX 40 (opens in new tab) and rDNA 3 (opens in new tab) The graphics card is set to push the graphics card power consumption to a higher level. While high-end TDPs of 450W or higher will gain pre-launch attention, it’s not immune to what looks increasingly like mid-range and low-end cards.

Tom’s Hardware (opens in new tab) Published an enlightening interview with Sam Naffziger, AMD senior vice president, enterprise researcher, and product technology architect. Naffziger makes some interesting points. One of the key passages states that AMD believes its architecture is more power efficient than Nvidia.