AMD’s next-generation flagship GPU is said to have taken a big step towards release

Although the Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards have only recently appeared on the shelves (short-lived), it is never too early to talk about what will happen next.The famous AMD leaker, greymon55 tweeted (thanks Graphics card) Today, the next-generation flagship Navi 31 GPU has been taped out. The tape-out process means that the design of the card has been completed, which is an important step before sending it to manufacturing.

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Although there is still a chip test stage before this, and because of rumors that Navi 31 is the first consumer-grade MCM (multi-chip module) design for gaming GPUs, this means it will be equipped with two GPUdies, which may require some time. In theory, this should mean that AMD can significantly increase the number of cores in its next-generation graphics cards, but it depends on making these two chips appear as one in your PC, software, and games. There are no easy tasks.