American Truck Simulator returns to its roots in upcoming Montana expansion

You won’t find more prosaic video games than Euro Truck Simulator and its transatlantic cousin, American Truck Simulator. They’re exactly what they say on the box: Shipping Sims set in Europe and the US. (They’re pretty good, too.) But before SCS Software decided to take a more serious approach to its games, it released a series of more dramatic titles like Big Rig Europe and Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel.

This matters now because these games, like their new cousins, benefit from multiple expansions and sequels to equally exciting titles: Metal Pedal, Escort, Haulin’ and American Long Haul, to name a few. One of the sequels – Extreme Trucker 2 – included a map of the US state of Montana, which SCS is now remaking for American Truck Simulator.