“Among Us” Chicken Nagy sold for about $ 100,000. Because what is life?

Food in the shape of certain things has always been the attraction of the online market. Doritos looks like a pope when he squints one eye and closes the other eye completely, toasting with Jesus’ face on it. It’s a phenomenon, really. Very important, really. In addition to a pile of food sold for exorbitant amounts, chicken nuggets (nuggets, I’m an adult) appear to have emerged as-is among us. This little companion sold for almost $ 100,000. So we like the smaller astronaut Jelly Beans than the next one, but this is just ridiculous.

The seller, who made a fortune on processed chicken, was by Polizna, and when he put up a McDonald’s nugget on eBay, he noticed its dubious design and monetized it wisely. Nearly 200 bidders, shaped like the most well-known little beans in the Whodunit game, competed to win this coveted beauty and fame award. However, there was only one winner, who won $ 100,000 in prize money.


If you want to go on a tragic adventure, we recommend checking out the complete list Here. The bidding battle is … It’s fierce. The seller has listed that this is food. In other words, the expected lifespan before it becomes defective is 14 days. Because I’m sure someone has spent a fortune to eat this and didn’t store it in a museum that holds only the best works of art.

Polizna also states that thanks to the recent BTS McDonald’s combo meal promoting the famous K-Pop band, this has found an unlikely compliment in us. Even if you haven’t tried the combo yet, you can be confident that the sauce is insanely delicious. We can’t guarantee that you’ll find a gold mine like this eBay cellar, but at least you can get a delicious treat.

Simply put, the internet is wild and Sus Jelly Beans is Sus. Meme culture, as the name implies, remains strange. The perfect story to go on the weekends.