Among us, PlayStation and Xbox consoles will be released in December

December 14th, Between us It will be released for PS4, PS5, Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass.

This version contains all the previous content. On the PlayStation console, you will get Ratchet & Clank cosmetics.

Although the games released on these consoles are good news in themselves, there is even better news: the game allows cross-play across systems, so everyone can play together. Online multiplayer games support 4-15 player halls.

Among us is the online multiplayer social reasoning game developed by Innersloth. It was initially released on iOS and Android in 2018 and then landed on PC later that year. The game was subsequently ported to Switch in December 2020.

The game takes place on a spaceship, and each player plays the role of a crew member or an imposter. In the game, the success of your crew depends on your social reasoning ability when you are out to murder your imposter.

The game received positive reviews from critics and was welcomed by players.

In addition to being released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, The physical version of the game will be availableDue to regional restrictions, each will be released at staggered times.

The Crewmate Edition ($29.99) will be available in the UK and Europe on December 14th, and will be available in Japan and South Korea on December 16. The United States, Canada and Latin America will be available on January 11, 2022.

The Impostor version ($49.99) and the Ejected version ($89.99) will be launched in multiple regions later in the spring of 2022.