Amy Hennig of Uncharted is developing a new Marvel game

Skydance New Media, a new division of Skydance Media, headed by award-winning writer and director Amy Hennig, announced a collaboration with Marvel Entertainment to develop an AAA narrative-driven action-adventure game. It will feature completely original stories and present the Marvel universe.

The game will be the first game of the new AAA game studio, composed of Hennig and electronic arts veteran Julian Beak.

“For our first game, I can’t think of a better partner than Marvel,” said Hennig, President of Skydance New Media. “The Marvel Universe gathers all the action, mystery and excitement of my favorite vulgar adventure type, and it is very suitable for interactive experience.

“It is an honour to be able to tell an original story full of humanity, complexity and sense of humor, to make Marvel’s characters so enduring, and to enable our players to embody the heroes they love.”

Jay Ong, Executive Vice President and Head of Marvel Games, said: “Amy has been setting the standard for narrative adventure games for decades, and we are delighted to work with Skydance’s talented and experienced new media team. “From our first meeting. It can be seen that they use their beloved Marvel IP to create innovative entertainment ambitions and vision. “

Executive Vice President and General Manager Bick said: “We are very excited to work in the Marvel Universe to produce our own rich narrative.” “Jay and his team at Marvel Games are helping us create the best experience we can imagine .”

Hennig and Beak hired various developers with decades of AAA experience in action and adventure games to develop this game. The studio also works with a team of creative consultants from the fields of film, television and comics.

The studio’s goal is to develop a “high-fidelity, rich interactive experience” for traditional game platforms and streaming services.

More information about Marvel games will be shared “in due course.”

Hennig is known for her role as the former creative director of the Uncharted series. She joined Skydance Media with Beak in 2019. Her works include “Battlefield: Intrepid” and “Need for Speed”. The two had previously collaborated in a Star Wars game cancelled by Visceral Games.

The latest game to be released in the Marvel Universe is Guardians of the Galaxy, which arrived this week with some good reviews.

In our comment on the title, Alex said that this is one of the best story-centric games of the year-there are some issues.