An exclusive new look of Shin Megami Tensei V’s special demons, secrets and difficulty settings

Since the announcement of the E3 big release date in early summer, we have been providing you with regular check-ins for “Tennis V”. So far, we have shown the battle between characters, demons and Shin Megami Tensei V. Today, we will dive into the many secrets of the world, a special version of the demon representing Bethel, and how the difficulty setting works.

As you travel through Da’at (another post-apocalyptic version of Tokyo), you will receive requests and suggestions from various demons you encounter. Some people ask you to hand over your items, and some people may ask you to destroy other demons. Completing tasks can get rewards such as items, Macca (in-game currency), and EXP.

The Shin Megami Tensei series traditionally have some difficulty peaks, so Atlus includes three difficulty settings when it is released, and one setting that will be added as a free DLC. At launch, players can choose between Casual (for more leisurely gameplay), Normal (for those who want a little challenge), and Hard (for those who want a greater challenge).

You can choose between these three difficulties at launch, and you can change the difficulty later in the game, but if you switch from difficult to normal or casual, you will not be able to reopen the archive. However, you can continue to switch between casual and normal at any time during the game. After the release, Atlus will release a free DLC with safe difficulty settings, designed to allow anyone (including RPG beginners) to easily complete the story. More information will be announced in the near future.

As we introduced in the previous story, the protagonist cooperates with Bethel’s Tokyo branch to protect the city from demons. However, when you play the game, you will encounter demons representing Bethel branches from all over the world. From Khonsu and Vasuki (representing Bethel Egypt and Bethel India, respectively) to Zeus and Odin (from Bethel Greece and Bethel Northern Europe), you interact with various Bethel affiliated demons, all demons Both may affect the cross ambitions and goals of both Tokyo and the protagonist.

Of course, the Bethel representative is not the only demon you encounter. We have said in the past that “Maidama Tensei V” has more than 200 kinds of demons, including classic designs and new demons. You will face and negotiate with demons like Eaton and Avalas, as well as Nuwa. Nuwa cooperates with Yakumo and uses part of her power to attack the protagonist. However, in the long run, it remains to be seen whether she is an enemy or an ally.

During the journey, you encountered a demon named Amano Zoko. She accompanies you and acts as a navigator during your travels. She supports you by notifying you if there are objects nearby or providing other useful observations. Other demons can also join you as navigators instead of combat allies.

Da’at is a vast world with drastically changing terrain, enemies to face, and various challenges to travel through. The ground vein allows you to save it in different locations throughout Da’at. They also let you visit Cadaver’s Hollow, where you can talk to its owner, Gustave, to buy and sell the items you find in Da’at. You should also beware of Miman, Gustav’s chess pieces scattered all over Daat. If you find them and report to Gustave, you will be rewarded based on the number found. You can gain glory, which can be used for a powerful ability called a miracle.

You can also get rewards for exploring various discoveries. Vending machines are located all over the world and can be used to obtain cultural relics. By bringing the relics back to Gustav, you can exchange them for maca. The treasure chest will also be filled with Da’at, providing essence, items and Macca. If you find a silver one (called Amalgams), you will receive a Glory reward. Magatsuhi provides you with various rewards for collecting them; green restores HP, yellow restores MP, red increases your Magatsuhi Gauge in battle. Finding and touching the demon statue in Da’at will increase the level of your allies, while knocking down Mitamas (rare demon) will give you items that can be converted into Macca, EXP, and Glory. Every once in a while, the mysterious red building will block your way. These abscesses are accompanied by powerful enemies nearby, and they will attack you. If you can destroy the abscess, your path will be unimpeded and you will win glory.

Shin Megami Tensei V will land on Switch on November 12. For more information about SMT V, please click here to go to our center.