An indie game finally gave me something Halo never did

I have given up hope of getting one thing I want from the Halo franchise. Microsoft has integrated more than a dozen Halo games and derivative products, Xiaoshushan, And the upcoming TV show, but it still hasn’t produced a Halo game that invites me to explore a magnificent, open, and complete circular world.Did you know: halo game Get dizzy.

This year, I finally got what I wanted from the last place I hoped to find: an independent game with little promotion.

Warning, reader!I’m going to break a few hours before Outfield: Echo of the eye. If you are very concerned about Polygon’s 2019 Game of the Year, I encourage you to open this article in the tab until you have the opportunity to experience the introduction yourself.But if you are just curious Outfield And its expansion, I promise that this story will only stimulate your appetite and will not spoil the meal.

Image source: Mobius Digital/Annapurna Interactive

Outfield: Echo of the Eye Happened in the alien ring world hidden inside Outfield universe. I don’t mean “universe” in the sense of “Marvel Cinematic Universe”.Original Outfield Take the player into a real clockwork universe (not a “normative” universe), where each planet has its own ecosystem with unique gravity and biomes. Players have 22 minutes to explore until the sun in the center of the game world becomes a supernova, resetting the process. In each cycle, you will learn something about settings and how to navigate, and then apply these lessons to learn more and get a deeper understanding of space.

if Outfield It’s about exploring alien habitats in the natural world, and then Echo of eyes It’s about revealing the natural degradation of the artificial world. Or, in other words, Outfield It’s about how alien species construct a world to survive in a dying universe, and Echo of eyes It’s about how the universe inevitably deconstructs these creations.

The ring world of the game, like the wider world in which it is located, contains a series of unique settlements, built in swamps, caves, and deep in rivers that run through the structure.The river powers the world through a dam, like an inevitable supernova Outfield Correct, this dam will rupture in every cycle. Unlike Supernova, destruction does not immediately kill the player, but the flood released by a dam burst will destroy the ring world, dump the spire, crush the house, and reveal some new ways in the process.

My love for this ring-shaped world-what I have always hoped to get from Halo-is the mechanism of completeness, knowability, and interconnection so that the world will not collapse on its own. The sci-fi ring world is self-sustaining and is usually the location of a closed-loop community. In this community, everything can be seen from anywhere-houses, farms, mines, factories-and the entire structure is constantly arching overhead.

Better yet, in The echo of the eyes, I can ride the raft down the current and follow the length of the ring all the way back to where the journey started, without missing anything. There are some comforting things about this. Although limited to the ring, this is a rare video game setting that feels real, as if there are no false boundaries preventing me from exploring the entire physical space.

I know that Halo has nothing to do with halo. It is about space navy, interstellar warfare and interesting multiplayer games. I sincerely look forward to Halo Infinite, and part of me hope it is Halo about the Halo I have always wanted.But I am also very happy that independent creators have appeared to capture Halo: Battle EvolutionThe iconic box art shows a world I have never seen before.