Anacrusis looks like a sci-fi version of Left 4 Dead

If you’re a fan of spooky sci-fi horde mode FPS games, The Anacrusis is for you. On board an abandoned space cruiser, four friends team up to reap a sprinting army of tentacle aliens to stay alive with a variety of perks and weapons. Based on the simple gameplay footage shown, the carefree color palette and humorous jokes between the four protagonists serve as a momentary tension and a healthy juxtaposition to the shootout.

“AI Driver” is a dungeon master who controls enemies, bosses, and spawners of Official website For Anacrusis video games, “You can find the perfect level of challenge, regardless of skill level. More than that, AI drivers create video game moments that you can’t wait to talk to your friends.

Benefits placed throughout the vast arena can be used to amplify the stopping power of weapons and increase their own basic stats (especially for new players, increasing defense is a wise decision. There is a possibility). A variety of equipment has unique effects-from scorching laser rifles to shield grenades to respawners that keep your team alive and healthy in each battle.

The various sectors of the cruiser you navigate to include disco rooms, narrow walkways dedicated to storage, and beautiful gardens (among many other places). In The Anacrusis’s “First Season,” you’ll play as four unlikely heroes: Nessa, Guion, Liu, and Lance. The more you play, the more story beats will be unlocked. In addition, the development team behind the title, Stray Bombay, promises that community mods will be available at launch and that there are plans to include future fan mods after release.

Anacrusis is included on the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC.