Anacrusis shows the ingeniousness of Left 4 Dead

Anacrusis lacks many of the things I would normally refer to when describing the fun of a shooter.A recent patch made its Plasma Rifle no longer pew pew guns and more plop plop The gun and a bit of bass do help make the weapon feel less toy, but it still behaves rigidly and simply, as if it were a UI element rather than an object. Despite some recent improvements to the animation, alien enemies may appear like holograms that don’t actually inhabit space or feel the effects of hissing plasma bolts. I do like that, sometimes they inexplicably launch vertically on death, but sadly a recent patch reduced the frequency of self-launching dolls’ launch.

Anacrusis is fun anyway, which speaks to the power of its Left 4 Dead bones: as four players desperately try to sweep away a flood of dashing aliens without being engulfed, weapon and enemy sophistication doesn’t seem all that important . Anacrusis is Early It’s in early access though, so I don’t recommend it right now unless you have PC Game Pass. Slots in Left 4 Dead-style co-op missions can be filled with bots, but it won’t start unless I’m matched with at least one other player, which can take time. Private matchmaking is not yet supported.